Our Mission and Vision

Getting involved at Rolling Hills is all about embodying Christ together.  It is a five-part process.  We believe that any follower of Christ should be living faithfully in all five of these expression of faith:vision

– Worshiping God

We gather as one to worship God each Sunday morning at 11:00.  We also encourage one another to worship God in other ways, such as signing in the choir or helping with children’s chapel.

– Growing Spiritually

Gathering with others and holding our lives up to God’s word is a life-transforming experience.  Sunday School, community groups, and other Bible study opportunities help us grow in our understanding of Christ.

– Making Friends

More than just having fun together, our church friendships provide us with a powerful relational context for our daily lives as we follow Christ.  A simple meal or cup of coffee together can make our faith come alive!  Parties, small groups, church events and retreats are some ways we build friends at Rolling Hills Baptist Church.

Building Bridges– Serving One Another

Built on our relationship with Christ and our relationships with one another, serving one another in love is a powerful expression of our faith.  Our deacons lead our service efforts, inviting anyone to join them as they help those who are sick, in need or grieving.

– Building Bridges

Taking our faith outside our church walls is an essential part of our faith experience.  As bridge-builders, we realize that a bridge travels in both directions, as we reach out to others and invite them to experience the fullness of Christ as he is embodied in so many ways at our church.