Our History

The Beginning Years: 1962-1972

Rolling Hills Baptist Church was begun as a mission of the Fayetteville Immanuel Baptist Church. In 1962, the members of Immanuel dreamed of starting a mission church that they referred to as a “New Work”. They realized that vision in 1966 with assistance along the way from the Washington-Madison Baptist Association in purchasing six acres of land from Roland and Ralph Stubblefield. The Stubblefield’s were converting their dairy farm into a housing development and sold the land for about one-half the amount they could have gotten had they developed it into lots. The Arkansas Baptist State Convention also assisted by providing some funds to help construct a building.

During 1966, Immanuel members saw that the building was completed and made detailed plans for the opening of the mission including calling Rev. Perry Hollis as Associate Pastor to be in charge of the New Work. At the first service on November 6, 1966, 13 families, consisting of 30 Immanuel members, took the risk of leaving the security of a well-established church to serve in a congregation with an unknown future.

Rolling Hills soon needed a full-time pastor so Rev. Hollis, a bi-vocational minister, resigned and on July 23, 1967, Rev. Don Seigler became pastor and served for a little over two years.
On April 19, 1970, Rev. Alfred R. Cullum became Pastor and led the congregation as it became a constituted church on March 19, 1972. One hundred twenty-one persons signed the Charter Membership scroll. Rev. Cullum resigned as pastor November 15, 1972.

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